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Year 1

Hello Year 1! Hope you are all safe and well, it is nice to see the sunshine is (hopefully) coming back! smiley




Watch today's Speed Sounds lesson where you are learning the split digraph sound u_e.





Picture 1

Can you find the u_e sounds in these sentences? Can you write them again from memory?


Next month it will be June.


The dog had a huge bone.


Please may I use your pen?


I sang a tune for Jack.




We are continuing to look at place value this week. Can you write the answer to these tens and units towers?


Picture 1


Today we are looking at how adding adjectives to our sentences can improve them and make them more interesting!

Remember an adjective is a describing word.


Can you help Miss Matthews improve her sentences by adding an adjective? smiley



Miss Matthews has a ________________ cat.


Miss Coleman's dog is ____________.


I baked a _____________ cake.


The party balloon was _____________.


Ms Edge knitted a ___________ scarf.



I am looking forward to seeing what creative adjectives you come up with!



Today you are going to be explorers!

  • Hide Woody somewhere in your garden/house. Create a map for someone in your family to use to find Woody. Can they hide Woody and then make a map for you to follow?
Picture 1


Overall School: 96.6%

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