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Year 1

Welcome to Thursday! We hope you are all well and ready for your activities today.


Tricky Words

Have a look at these words. These are words that we need to be able to read and write confidently. Use your pens and pencils to write the words out in different rainbow colours!


If you managed to make your pizzas then we would now like you to write about what you did. Write instructions about how to make a pizza so that other children could read it and then know what to do. Think about the words you can use to organise your ideas such as, first, next, after that...



Imagine that you have gone to the pizza shop and you are buying the topping to go on your pizza. You will need to add together how much each topping costs so that you know how much you need to pay. How much would these toppings cost?


chicken + olives

bacon + onions

peppers + mushrooms

tuna + pineapple + cheese

olive + mushrooms + ham


What would you choose and how much would it cost you?

Outdoor Learning



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Aiming High;Growing Dreams