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Year 1

Good morning Yr 1's. 


For our Literacy today we would like you to plan a story. This week we have been blowing bubbles, we would like you to create a story about a bubble and the adventure it goes on. 

Think about:

  • Where it goes?
  • What the bubble sees?
  • Does it meet good or bad characters?
  • Does it float back home safely? 


Use the planning map below to record ideas for your story. You could use pictures or key words and phrases to plan your story. 

(We will write the story on Friday) 

Our theme this week for numeracy has been 'time' can you use the sheet below to record the half past times. 

If you have a clock in your house it would be nice if you could point out when the clock shoes half past times. 


Today in music we would like you to make your own musical instrument using recycled objects and items found around your home. Below is an example of an instrument that you might like to make but feel free to get creative and make your own!

Once you have made your instrument explore the different sounds that is can make. Can you create a pattern of these sounds e.g. tap, shake, shake, tap, shake, shake. 

We will look forward to seeing what you create. 


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams