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Year 1

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!

We are now going to put activities on to these pages every day to keep you busy as home. You will also be getting some things through the post!


Every day it is important that you......

  • keep active
  • read or listen to stories
  • spend lots of time talking to the people in your house
  • have time to relax


Could you write a letter to one of your neighbours as a nice surprise? You could tell them about all the fun things you have been up to recently!

Can you remember how we start a letter? Who are we addressing it to?

Remember neat sentence structure with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. smiley


How can we sign off the letter? Could you add some nice drawings at the bottom?



Ordinal Numbers

We use ordinal numbers to describe which order things come in. Ordinal numbers are words like:

  • 1st - first
  • 2nd - second
  • 3rd - third
  • 4th - fourth
  • 5th - fifth
  • 6th - sixth

and so on...


Can you collect 10 objects around your house and order them in a row? Can you say out loud which is first, second, third etc.?


CHALLENGE- Can you write the ordinal numbers on a sticky note/ piece of paper and label the objects in the correct order?



Follow this link to have a fun dance and sing with your family:




Who do you play with or talk to regularly in school?

Draw pictures of them and write their names.

Write down the things you share with your friends and the games you like playing together.smiley


And don't forget!


There are still daily Speed Sound sessions on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel! If you are unsure on what Set you child should be learning please ask your Class Teacher smiley



BBC Bitesize are now doing 'Daily Lessons' for all year groups and covering all curriculum areas!

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