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Year 1

Hello Year 1! laugh


Hope you are all continuing to keep safe and well! Please scroll down to find your Maths, Reading and Writing activities for today.





This week you are going to be finding half. To follow on from your work on 2D shape we would like you to draw 2D shapes, cut them out and then fold them in half. Use the pictures below to help you. Remember, you will know when you have half because both sides will be the same size.




Look at the words in the table below. These are some of the Year 1 common exception words. Read through them to find out how many you can read. Ask someone to help you with the ones you get stuck on. 



Picture 1



Your teachers are missing you lots and would love to hear from you. For your writing task today we would love for you to write a letter to your teacher. Write it with a pencil/pen and paper and then kindly ask your grown up to send a picture of your letter to your teacher on ClassDojo. Don't include your address but do think about the other features that make a good letter.


Who is your letter to? Who is it from? Do you want to ask any questions? Can you use any of the new Set 2/3 Speed Sounds?


We can't wait to read them smiley


Overall School: 96.6%

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