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Year 1

Hello Year 1 children- we hope you are all keeping well. Here are your learning activities for today...

Reading Comprehension

Read the text and then answer the questions.

Picture 1


This week we are looking at 2D shapes and today we would like you to think about the properties of different 2D shapes. This is how we can describe the shape so we know that it is a square or a circle or a triangle. Look at the shapes below and see if you can write down how many sides each shape has and also how many vertices (pointy corners) they have. So for example, a triangle would have 3 sides and 3 vertices and a circle has 1 curved side and 0 vertices.

Picture 1

Reading Time

Choose a book from home and have a go at writing a book review for it. Have a look below for an example of how you could set it out. Also think about the cover of the book- could you design a new book cover for your book?

Picture 1


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