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Wednesday 8th July

The big wide-mouthed frog is a frog from a country called Australia. There are lots of different frogs all over the world. A frog starts off as a little egg. When the egg hatches it doesn’t look anything like a grown-up frog. It is a tadpole. As the tadpole grows it changes.

                                                                                    Here is the tiny egg and

                                                                                       look how it changes!


Click on this link to watch ‘Come Outside’ all about frogs.


Origami jumping frogs.

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. You can make all sorts of things with origami.


Make 2 jumping frogs.

You will need:

- A grown-up to help you.

- 2 square pieces of paper. I used A4 paper trimmed into a square.




- A pen/pencil to draw on eyes.



The first set of instructions is the easiest frog. If your grown-up is up for a challenge then the instructions below are more complicated but you end up with a great little jumping frog!

The equipment is the same for both.




















Once your frog is folded, press down on the folded “legs” with the tip of your finger, then quickly slide your finger off to make the frog jump.



Now it’s time for a frog competition!

Which frog will be the best jumper? Give each frog a name and different colour spots so that you can tell them apart.                                              


 Frog race

Make a guess (predict) which frog will win.

Decide where your start line and finish line will be. Then on your marks, get set, go!

Which frog won the race? Was your guess (prediction) correct? If you race again will the outcome be the same? Try again see what happens.


Frog jumping competition

Each frog will have 5 jumps to prove that it can jump the furthest. Can you record the results?

Here are the results of my frogs:                                                 


Which frog will jump the furthest?


Frog 1

Record if the frog is    1st or 2nd

Frog 2

Record if the frog is 1st or 2nd

Jump 1




Jump 2




Jump 3




Jump 4



Jump 5


















Did the same frog win the race and the jumping competition for you at home?

What do you think made your frog the fastest or the best jumper?


Australia - the setting for the story.





The story of ‘The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog’ is set in a country called Australia. Australia is a long way from our homes here. You would have to fly on an aeroplane for a long time (a whole day) to get there!




 Our world that we live on is like a big round ball. Australia is round the other side of the world to us.






If we flatten it out on a map it is easier to see. The United Kingdom (our country) is the small one, Australia is much bigger and further south.



We know the story is set in Australia because some of the animals in the story only live in the wild in Australia for example kangaroos and koalas.

Do you know any thing about Australia and it’s animals? If you would like to know more click on the links below:


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