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Wednesday 8th July





Welcome to Wednesday, ll-amazing

Year 5s and 6s!






Today's tasks:



Read for half an hour and make a note of 5 powerful verbs as you go.


Tables practice

Put together a quiz for yourself based on the 6, 7 and 8 times tables.  Keep a list of the answers separately.  You can complete the quiz tomorrow!



Yesterday's answers


1. 847

2. 5/9

3. 34

4. 3 3/5

5. 128.65

6. 4/10 or 2/5

Problem Solving



Today's challenge



Copy today's words carefully - receive, deceive - and circle or highlight the 'ei' sound.

Do you know what they both mean?  If you add the suffix -ing, what changes must you make to the root word?

Carefully write receiving, deceiving.  Now practise spelling all 4 words.



Have a go at writing a camping alphabet.  Can you think of a word associated with camping for each letter of the alphabet?


Design technology

Did you know that different length twigs make different sounds when banged together?


Make a wind chime using twigs or other things you can find at home (yogurt pots, lids from jars, spoons, empty cans, twigs will all make a sound).

Hang them from a stick using wool or string. You might need some Sellotape too, to attach lids or cans to the string.


Hang it up in your garden and see what sounds it produces.


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams