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Wednesday 24th June


Happy Wednesday - hope you're feeling smiley today!

Don't forget to send examples of your work to your classteacher on Dojo - we all love to see what you're doing at home.


Wednesday's tasks



Read for half an hour.  Choose a character from your book and pick 3 adjectives to describe them (you can choose adjectives from the text or think of your own, but try to pick ambitious vocabulary - 'nice' doesn't tell us very much about a person!)


Tables practice

Today try to be really quick at recall of multiplication and division facts for your 7 and 8 times tables.  You might find these tables more tricky - work out what strategies help you to remember them.



Yesterday's answers


1. 29,943

2. 61.5

3. 29

4. 50,157

5. 458.33

6. 10.42

Problem Solving



Today's challenge



Copy today's words very carefully - assistant, assistance, elegant, elegance.

Look carefully at how the word endings change and think about how this changes the meaning of the words.  Verbally try to put each word into a sentence.

Then practise spelling all 4 words.



Advertise the campsite you have designed.

Make a poster or a leaflet or write a script for a radio advert.


Remember to give people the key information they need (price, location, facilities, etc.) but also to persuade them that your campsite is better than all the others!  What type of language will you need to include?

You may also want yesterday's map to be part of your advert if you choose to make a poster or leaflet.



Use the song ‘London’s burning’ as a template and write your own campfire song to the same tune, for example,

‘Campfire’s burning, campfire’s burning…’



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams