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Wednesday 24th June

Good morning!



Here are today's spellings.



Yesterday you created a dragon, today we would like you to use your new dragon and the habitat you have also created for it to plan a new story!

Use the story mountain below as a planning tool.

Think about:

Does it cause chaos and destruction?

Is it a friendly helpful dragon?



Introduction: describe setting and main characters

Main: What is the problem?

Ending: How is the problem solved? Is it solved?


You could use this story mountain or design your own.

Maths (pdf below)




Design, draw, sketch, create, craft,  a dragon and match it to the habitat you have created.  (This could be the dragon from your story or you could create another one)


Label the features that show how it is adapted to its habitat.

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 2, Part 2

Chapter 2, part two, of How to Train Your Dragon. Follow every chapter of the story on YouTube here:


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams