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Wednesday 24th June

                              Habitats - rockpools                               







The friends in ‘Sharing a shell’ all live in a rockpool, the rockpool is their habitat. What can we find out about rockpools? 

Click on the links below to find out a little about rockpools.



Bristle worms

Brush in ‘Sharing a shell’ is a bristle worm and he helps his friends by keeping the shell clean.

What happens in your house to keep it clean? What can you do to help? Just like in the story it is best when everyone helps each other and works as a team.

Design a new home


What do you think would be the best new home for the three friends?

It needs to be big enough for the three of them.

It needs to be strong for Blob to sit on and strong enough to protect them form things like seagulls or storms. Do you remember how the ice cream tub and paper cup got smashed on the rocks?

It needs to be waterproof as they do live in a rockpool!



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams