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Wednesday 1st July

Hello, here is your work for today! 



Yesterday you made notes about being a dragon for the day, today we would like you to use your notes to write your diary entry. 


  • A diary entry is written in the the past tense
  • It is written in 1st person 
  • It states thoughts and feelings 


Tell the diary reader all about your day as a dragon, when did you wake up, what did you eat, where did you go, who did you meet, how did you feel? 



Here is a Tangram.

Cut each shape out carefully, you should have 7 pieces. 

Colour in each shape.

Name the shapes you have.  


What can you make?

Can you make a dragon? 


Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of How to Train Your Dragon. Follow every chapter of the story on YouTube here:


This is the Welsh flag.

Label the different countries of the United Kingdom on the map provided. Research the different flags for each country, draw them on the map.

Can you find out any facts about the different flags?



Use the words above 







How many did you get right? 


Overall School: 96.6%

Short Wood Primary School and NEST Nursery- Aiming high, growing dreams. School is re open for pupils in The Nursery Nest, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, as well as pupils of our key workers and other identified children. If you would like your child to return please call the school office so we can book them into a bubble. Our NEST Nursery still has 30 hour funded places for September 2020. For more information or to reserve a place please contact the school office.