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Wednesday 17th June


Flappy fish game


Cut out a simple fish shape from paper, it can be newspaper or old wrapping paper.








You need a fish shape for each person who is going to play the game.

Now you need a flapper! You can use an old magazine, folded newspaper some card (maybe from an old cereal box)

In a nice big room or outside in the garden (if it’s not too windy!) You need to mark a start line and a finish line . Place your fish down on the floor at the start line  and using your flapper each player has to flap their fish to the finish line. The winner is the person who  flaps to the finish line first.


One, two, three go!



Experiment with your flapper, which technique  is the best at making the fish move. What is it that makes the fish move?





   What can we find out about fish? 




Click on the link to watch fish swimming on a coral reef. What can we learn about them through observing (watching) them? Here are some questions to consider:

How do fish move? What do they eat? How do they see? How do they breathe?

What do fish need to live? Could they live out of the water?

What would happen if the water is dirty?

Observing the fish may give us some answers but can you think of what else we could do to find out about fish? We could research (find out about) using books, internet nature programs, ask other people.




Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams