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Wednesday 17th June

Here is your learning tasks for today.


Forwards and backwards

Practice spellings writing them forwards then backwards. Check you have all the letters every time.



Write a review of your holiday destination.

  • What is there to see and do there?
  • What is the best thing about it?
  • What could be improved?
  • Would you recommend it? If so who to?


Times Tables Rock Stars

10 minutes on a teacher set activity.



Use your campsite design from yesterday.


If each square is worth £100 how much will it cost to make your holiday park?


What if each square costs £50? Or £25? Or £15


Can you challenge yourself by choosing how much you want each square to be worth?



As it would have been approaching Sports Day time of the year in normal circumstances, you could instead try some of the activities at home.


  1. Sprints in your garden from one point to another. Use a marker to signal your start and finish points.
  2. Standing jump. Stand with feet together with your knees slightly bent. Jump forward and mark how far you jumped. Can you beat it next time round?
  3. Obstacle race. Using items from around the home can you build yourself an obstacle course? You may want to include running, jumping, throwing, skipping, hopping, balancing into your obstacle course.
  4. Throwing socks at a target on the ground. Make your own target inside or in your garden and try throwing balls of socks or balls if you have them into the target. Balls of socks are great as they don’t bounce.


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams