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Wednesday 17th June





Good morning Year 5s and Year 6s - hope you're feeling amazing!







Wednesday's tasks:



Read your reading book for half an hour and make a note in your reading diary of what you think will happen next in the story.


Tables practice

Think about how you got on with Times Table Rock Stars yesterday - choose a table you are less confident with and practise multiplication and division facts.  Ask someone at home to test you to see how good your instant recall is.




Yesterday's answers:


1.  827

2.  178

3.  16

4.  972

5.  469.95

6. 10.8


Today's challenge:



Write comic and frantic - do you know what both words mean?  Add the suffix -ally to each to make comically and frantically.

Now practise all 4 spellings - say them carefully to yourself and be careful not to miss out any syllables from the words.


Art and Design

Design and make a robot that could do some of the jobs in your house (wouldn't we all like one of those?!).

Label your design carefully, thinking about all the electronic features it will include, how it will move, what jobs it will do and what you will use to make it.

You could use Lego, cardboard, plastic bottles or anything else you can find at home!



Have a great day!




Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams