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Wednesday 10th June





Are you feeling positive? Ready to succeed?

Great – let’s get started!



Wednesday’s tasks:


  • Read your book for half an hour.  Make a note in your reading diary – can you predict how the story will end?
  • Yesterday you practised your 8 times table – spend more time today practising division facts from this table, then think about whether you can write out your 80 times table!
  • Write reasonable, reasonably, tolerable, tolerably – copy the words carefully. Can you check the meanings of these words and think about how you would use them in a sentence? Then practise spelling them using your favourite strategy.
  • Design and make a maths board game based on your favourite sport, book, film or computer game. Your questions must include all 4 operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide).
  • Make up a sequence to warm up ready for exercise. Combine ground level, mid-way and high stretches.
    Does doing this warm up make any difference to your pulse rate after exercise?  You could try repeating yesterday’s task, but completing your warm up first.


Don’t forget to send examples of your work to your teacher on Dojo

– we love to see what you’re doing.



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams