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Wednesday 10th June

  Ice experiment








Poor Polar Bear is leaving his home because all of the ice is melting and there is not enough food for him to eat.

You will need the ice trays that you put in the freezer yesterday.

What has happened to the water?

Yesterday it was runny liquid. What can we say about it now? It is hard, solid. The cold of the freezer changed the water.

If you hold an ice cube in your hand what does it feel like? What is happening to the ice cube?

It is changing again, it is melting. It is turning back into water. How? What is making it change? Is it changing quickly or slowly. Why don’t you experiment by putting ice cubes in different places. How does this change how fast the ice melts. What if you put an ice cube in the fridge?

The ice is melting in the polar bear’s home because the world is getting warmer. This is due to things that people are doing that pollute and hurt our world.



Panda Cam


Edinburgh Zoo has a live webcam so you can watch the real panda that lives at the zoo.

Zoos work hard to look after animals and try to help the animals that are endangered like the

giant panda.

Sailing the waves

(Warning, this could be messy!)

In the story ‘The Journey Home’ the animals sail across the sea. When the storm starts the waves swell, they get much bigger. Do you have a toy boat, the raft you made in last weeks activities or a container like a margarine tub? Use your boat in the sink, bath, bowl outside in the garden. Can you make some waves for your boat to sail? How? What do you think makes the waves in the ocean?

Try blowing the water, blowing bubbles in the water (a straw might help), splashing, moving the water with your hand or tapping on the side of the bowl. What happens? How did you make the biggest waves?













Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams