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Victorian Jobs

Thursday 29th November



Today, we acted out what life would be like for working children in Victorian times. We had lonely bird scarers and stone pickers from the countryside, frozen and aching. We had domestic servants doing a variety of jobs from cleaning boots to shining cutlery. You did not want to annoy the master as they might have made you do it again! We also had factory workers picking up the cotton from the factory floor( in our case with litter pickers!) or sorting out the coloured cotton ready to be attached to the machines.


The children came to the conclusion that it wouldn't  have been nice to have been a poor Victorian child as the jobs made you ache and you were cold even after a few minutes...never mind after 15 hours of work!


Take a look at our pictures...and if you see anyone smiling, please let Mrs Loakes know as soon as possible so she can dock their wages straight away for having too much fun!

Children's jobs in Victorian Times


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