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Tuesday 9th June




Good morning Year 5s and Year 6s – hope you have an awesome day today!



Tuesday’s tasks:



  • Read your reading book for half an hour.  Make a note in your reading diary – who is your favourite character and why?
  • Practise your 8 times table – check which facts you don’t know and try to come up with a hint to help you remember them.  Don’t forget – you need to learn division facts too.
  • Write horrible, horribly, responsible, responsibly, visible, visibly – copy them very carefully.  Think about how you would use these words in a sentence. Then practise spelling them using any of the strategies we’ve used in class.
  • How many triangles can you see in this diagram?  (HINT – it ISN’T 16 or 17!) Ask someone in your family what they think. Can you agree a total number of triangles?
    Can you find any hexagons? How many?

  • How fit are you? How quickly does your pulse rate return to your normal rate? Find your resting pulse rate and then exercise vigorously for one minute. Check your pulse again every five minutes to see how quickly it goes back to normal!







Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams