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Tuesday 9th June

Time for some maths activities



How many sticks of bamboo does the panda have to eat?






   How many fish does the polar bear have to eat?








How many are there altogether?







                                             How many sticks of bamboo?








                                                              How many fish does the polar bear have to eat?





                         How many altogether? Can you record it by drawing the food or using lines or numbers?

                                         (You can use the number line to help you)









Orangutans eat lots of different things. Which food does the orangutan eat  more of, less of

and which ones does  the orangutan eat the same number of?




        How many fish?



The polar bear is very big and very hungry. If he does not eat enough he will get poorly!

He needs 12 fish to fill up his empty tummy. How many more fish will he need to catch?

Don't forget to record your answer.


 How many animals will fit into the boat?



The boat starts off empty. the polar bear is the first passenger, next is the panda. Then it is half full. Next is the orangutan and finally filling up the boat is the big elephant. I don’t think there will be any space left in the boat now!

Find a ‘boat’ of your own. It could be a box or a container from your recycling. And now you need your passengers. Maybe toys, construction blocks, pegs, anything you can find. You are going to find out the capacity of your boat. How many things can you fit in it, when it is half full and finally how many when it is full. (please model the language when talking about the capacity of the boat with your child).






Experiment with the capacity in your boat. If the items are small you will fit more in, if they are big you will fit less. How many elephants do you think the animals could fit in their boat? You are right not very many! How many mice would they fit in?



Ready for Wednesday, the science day:

Tomorrow’s experiment  requires  ice cubes. Please support your children to fill an ice cube tray with water and place it in your freezer. Please ask children what they think will happen to the water? Will it change? How will it change?

Thank you.



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams