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Tuesday 7th July

Good morning. 

Here is the next chapter of 'How to train your dragon' 

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 11, Part 2

The second part of Chapter 11 of How to Train Your Dragon. Follow every chapter of the story on YouTube here:


Yesterday you looked at a play script, today we would like you to start creating your own. 

Last week we looked at this picture, we would like you to use the picture as inspiration for your play script. Think about who the main characters might be and what they are doing. What might they be saying? How did they get to the cave? What is inside the cave? 


We would like you to include: 

  • at least two different scenes 
  • three different characters 
  • a narrator if needed 
  • spoken words for each of the characters 
  • stage directions 


Below is a template to help you with your play script if needed. (You may like to do your own) 



Try these time challenges 



This week we are going to be writing a play script. 

We will be using the picture above. 

We would like you to use your topic time to create your scenery and characters so you can perform your play to an audience. 


Begin to design your background for performing your play.

Think about where the main event takes place. 

If you have a shoe box this would be great for hanging your scenery.

Below is an idea of how you might want it to look. 



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams