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Tuesday 7th July



Good morning!


We hope you enjoy the tasks we've set for you today.






Today's tasks:




Read for half an hour and make a note as you go of 5 adverbs you find in the text.


Tables practice

Yesterday you practised 6, 7 and 8 times tables - today choose the one from those 3 that you find trickiest.  Practise multiplication and division facts for that times table, so you improve your instant recall.



Yesterday's answers


1. 1.004

2. 25

3. 9

4. 68,376

5. 912

6. 3,751

Problem Solving

540 cupcakes


Today's challenge



Today's words are seize and conceit.  Copy them carefully and make sure you know what they mean.  Then practise spelling them and put each word into a sentence.



What could you use to make an insulating layer for a cup to keep your drink hot or cold when you’re camping? How could you test to find the best material for this?


Maybe try testing to see how long it takes for an ice cube in a cup to melt? And trying different materials to insulate the cup.



What are your star qualities?  Choose 5 adjectives from the list above which describe you well and think of an example of something you have done or experienced to prove your point.

Then ask a member of your family to choose 5 adjectives that describe you and see if they agree!




Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams