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Tuesday 30th June

Short, shortest, long, longest.


Using your playdough roll a worm. Now roll another worm. If you put them next to each other which worm is longer, which worm is shorter? If you roll one more worm which one is the longest / shortest? (If you don’t have any playdough you can cut some pieces of string or wool.)


 If you take one long whole worm, can you then cut it in to two? Try and make the two the same size. You have cut it in half.







We have looked at which of the worms are the shortest and longest. Now we can do some measuring to find out how long the worms are. We can use a ruler, tape measure, number line, counters, lego or a measuring stick to help us.


 Count along to measure. You can record   the numbers. Which worm has the highest     number?









Superworm makes his body into different shapes to help or to play with friends.



These are the shapes he makes next:












How many sides do the shapes have? How many corners (vertices) do the shapes have?

Superworm loves to count!


When he is playing skipping or jumping games with his friends he counts to see how many jumps everyone can do.

Can you play the game too?

You can play with a skipping rope or jumping over a stick or tape on the ground. Ask your parent or brothers and sisters to join in the game.



1)How many jumps can each person do? Write it down.

2) If you have a dice (or spinner) roll it, count the spots on the dice and this will tell you how many jumps each person needs to try and make.



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams