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Tuesday 30th June



Happy Tuesday everyone!


Well done for keeping going with these tasks - it's not always easy to stay motivated at home!


Don't forget to share your successes with your class teacher on Dojo.





Today's tasks



Read your book for half an hour and make a note in your reading diary of 3 different sentence starters.


Tables practice

Today practise multiplication facts for the times table you picked yesterday - try to get to a point where you can recall facts instantly!



Yesterday's answers


1. 1,070

2. 7/6 or 1 1/6

3. 805

4. 2,117

5. 1.05

6. 1,200

Problem Solving

1,636 ml or 1.636 litres


Today's challenge



Carefully copy today's words - choir, chemistry, chemical

Circle the 'ch' sound in each and look carefully at what follows it.

Practise spelling the words and putting them into a sentence.



Can you draw the net for a triangular prism and construct it?  Imagine you're making a tent!



The legend of the Green Man says that he watches over nature and makes sure the seasons follow one after the other. His face looks like it is made from plants and trees!

Create your own Green Man face using natural materials from your garden or the park. If you can, take a photo when it’s finished.


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams