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Tuesday 23rd June






Good morning - let's all be kind to each other today!






Tuesday's tasks



Read your reading book for half an hour.  Can you spot any similes in the text?  If you find one, note it in your reading diary.  If you can't find one, make one up that would fit into the story!


Tables practice

Today make sure you are secure on multiplication and division facts for the 5, 6 and 7 times tables.  Practise any you are not sure about.



Yesterday's answers


1. 31,024

2. 26

3. 43

4. 11,115

5. 59.25

6. 11.8

Problem Solving



Today's challenge



Carefully copy today's words - observant, tolerant.

Find out what these words mean, then practise spelling them using the strategies we use in school.  Try putting each word into a sentence.



Design a healthy camping meal.  What could you cook over a campfire or on a small camping stove?  Which food groups must you include to make your meal healthy?

If your main meal is healthy enough, you can include toasted marshmallows as a treat!



Draw a detailed bird's-eye view map of the campsite you designed yesterday, including symbols and a key.






Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams