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Tuesday 23rd June

The rockpool is full of life in the story ‘Sharing a shell’. Can you count how many of each animal you can find, including people? You could make a tally or record with pictures or numbers.


seagulls:     | | | |                                            big fish:

dolphins:                                                     blob fish:

people:                                                       hermit crab:

starfish:                                                     bristleworm (brush): 

little fish:                                                   sea snail:

Which one is the correct size?








The crab in ‘Sharing a shell’ is a hermit crab. They do not grow their own hard shell so they have to find a shell to live in. When they grow too big for one shell they have to move out and find another one that is bigger.  Can you match the right size shell to the right sized crab and friends?

Which one is little, medium or big?





Sea shell spirals


Sea shells, like the ones crab finds, have beautiful patterns, colours and spiral shapes.




Can you draw a spiral? Start with your pencil in the middle and go round and round getting wider.           





We can find lots of spirals in nature.



We can make spirals with objects too. Why don’t you have a go.




Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams