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Tuesday 19th May

‘How many legs?’ counting activity   





How many legs does the polar bear have? How many legs does the duck have? Who has more legs? How many legs do they have altogether? How can we record that? (write it down)




How many legs does the octopus have? How many legs does the bee have? Who has more? Who has less? How many legs do they have altogether? How can we record that?

Here is a number line to 20 to help you.





How many legs  are in the room with you now? Can you count them? Don’t forget to count you!

Did you count the legs on any people, pets, chairs and tables? Can you find  the number on the number line?  Can you record the number of legs in your room? You could draw the legs, use lines to represent them and use the numbers from the number line.

How many would there be if one more person came into the room? How many would there be if one person left the room? Can you find that number on the number line?

Shape bunting




Bunting is fun to decorate any room. This bunting is made from shapes. What shapes can you see? Can you match them to another shape that is the same? Can you name them? What do you know about each shape? How many sides (edges) does it have? How many corners (vertices) does it have?

Can you make your own bunting? You will have to draw the shapes very carefully, cut them out then tape or glue them to some string, wool or cotton.  How long can you make your bunting? I have made a repeating pattern with the colours. Can you make a repeating pattern with your bunting?

Can you see the shapes from the

Bunting? Which other shapes can see?

Can you use some different shapes in your bunting?


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