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Tuesday 16th June

Here is your learning tasks for today.

Hello year 3 and 4, we hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend.



Practice writing the following words. Make sure that your joins are clear.

Times tables rock stars

10 minutes on the sound check. Can you beat your score?


Area – Create your own holiday park


Using the squared paper provided (in your home learning pack sent home) plan your own holiday park. What is the area of each of the things on it?

(Remember to count the squares) E.g. Ice Cream Shop – 8 squares

What will you need?

  • Will it be a campsite for tents and caravans or will you have a hotel?
  • Will you have a swimming pool?
  • Will you have a playground?





Yesterday you wrote a postcard home from the place you visited. Today write an extract for a holiday brochure to persuade (encourage people to go) people to visit it.


You must include persuasive sentences for example ‘This is the best place ever’ ‘The scenery is breath-taking.’ and lots of positive adjective such as: delightful, amazing, tranquil.

What to include:

Information about hotel

Description of the area around the hotel eg beach, in a forest

Detail about activities such as skiing, snorkelling.




How can you tell the time using the sun?

  Make a sundial!

  1. At midday, position your sundial mark 12 where the shadow is.
  2. One hour later, return to your sundial and mark where the shadow lays at the edge of the plate.
  3. Mark this spot with the number 1.
  4. Use the positions of 12 and 1 to predict the positions of the other numbers on the sundial





Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams