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Tuesday 16th June


Good morning - happy Tuesday!  Be confident about being yourself and maybe you'll change the world!


Tuesday's tasks:



Read your reading book for half an hour and make a note in your reading diary of 3 powerful verbs you notice in the text.



Log onto Times Table Rock Stars and challenge yourself!


Answers for yesterday's arithmetic:


1.  747

2.  1,164

3.  17

4.  222

5.  308.65

6.  0.08

Problem Solving

318 + 474


Today's arithmetic challenge:



Write heroic and magic, then add the suffix -ally to each to make heroically and magically.

Now practise spelling these 4 words using a strategy that works for you.


Art and Design

Think about what makes you special and unique.

Create a picture or poster which celebrates how special you are and recognises how you are different from others.

Include your appearance, your interests, your talents and your personality!



Make yourself an obstacle course inside or outside the house. Your obstacle course should involve an activity to make your heart beat faster, a jump, a crawl and a balance.

Some examples of possible activities could be:

  • Dribbling a ball
  • Jumping over cardboard hurdles
  • Leap the longest distance
  • Balance a book on your head while walking
  • 10 lifts of some tins of food or full plastic bottles
  • Sprint to collect a toy
  • Crawl between a row of plastic cups


Feel free to make up your own activities. Time yourself to see whether you can beat your own record and then challenge someone in your household.
Can they complete your obstacle course faster than you?

Extra challenge
Can you list the muscles you have exercised today?





Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams