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Tuesday 14th July

Hello, here are the activities for today! 



We are nearing the end of 'How to train your dragon' today we would like you to write a character description of your favourite character. 

We would like to know:

- Are they a good or bad character? 

- What do they look like? 

- How would you describe their personality? 

- What key events were they involved with? 

- Would you be happy to take them home for tea at your house? 



Cressida reads How To Train Your Dragon: Chapter 16

Chapter 16 of How to Train Your Dragon. Follow every chapter of the story on YouTube here:


Please complete the challenge cards. 

Read the question carefully, decide which operation you need to use, think about if it is a one or two step problem, work it out using the most efficient method. 


To help your new class teacher find out more about you we would like you to share your favourite things. Think about your favourite: 

  • Food
  • Animal
  • Place
  • Book
  • Subject
  • Memory

You might choose to draw pictures of your favourite things, take photos or write them in a list. 

It would be a lovely idea if you send a photo of this to your new teacher when they contact you on dojo. 



Learn the words above following: 







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