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Tuesday 14th July

Good Morning Year 1s and Year 2s. Welcome to your activities for today.smiley



Yesterday you wrote a list of your school memories from the last year. Today we would like you organise your ideas into a piece of writing. Remember to write in sentences using capital letters and full stops. Think of your reader and use conjunctions such as 'and' and 'so' to make your sentences more interesting. You might want to use these sentence starters to help you...

My favourite memory of the year was....

During the Autumn term....

During the Spring term...

The thing I enjoyed doing the most was.....

The thing that made me laugh was.......



Use the 100 Square to help you spot some number patterns. Write down these number sequences-

Start at 5 and count on in 5s

Start at 10 and count on in 10s

Start at 8- and count back in 5s

Start at 12 and count on in 3s

Start at 24 and count back in 2s


Can you think of some of your own?

Puzzle Time

Can you spot the differences between these two pictures?


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams