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Thursday 2nd July


Superworm outdoor learning



Have you got some where in the garden where you can dig. If you have, you can dig to see if you can find some worms. They are really good for the garden. Remember to be really careful you don’t want to hurt them. How many did you find?

You can also look for worms when you’re out on a walk especially if it has been raining, they like it when the ground is damp.





Worm dance






Birds do a little dance on the grass to encourage the worms to come to the surface.  Do your own little dance and see if you can encourage worms to come up to see what’s happening!





Digging for treasure.



“And you must tunnel, writhe and coil, to find me treasure in the soil.”







The wizard forces Superworm to dig for treasure for him. Lets help Superworm by helping him find treasure. Grown ups please collect some treasure: coins, old metal spoons, paper clips, old jewellry not needed anymore.

This treasure could be hidden directly in soil outside, or in a large tray if you are able to prepare this. You could bury other items such as bottle tops, corks, buttons and sweetie wrappers to spark discussions about the story and the items that Superworm found.




 “The wizard waves his magic flower. Now Superworm your in my power”









Make a magic wand of your own. You could find a stick and attach a flower, feather, grass, whatever you can find that you think would be the best, most magical wand. 





Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams