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Thursday 2nd July




Good morning Year 5s and Year 6s.


How determined are you feeling today?!






Today's tasks:



Read your reading book for half an hour and make a note of 5 interesting adjectives from the text.


Tables practice

How much difference do you think your practice has made this week?

Repeat Monday's task of writing down multiplication and division facts for your chosen times table and time yourself again.  Are you quicker this time?



Yesterday's answers


1. 83

2. 0

3. 7.45

4. 103

5. 112.83

6. 102,816

Problem Solving

76 apples


Today's challenge



Copy today's words - ache, headache, technology

Again look for the hard 'ch' sound.  Practise the spellings using your favourite strategy.



Imagine you are sitting around the campfire – it’s very dark, you can only see the flames flickering, you can hear owls hooting and the crackling of the fire.


Write a spooky story to tell around the campfire.


You can make your story spookier by using some short sentences and ellipses to create suspense.  Remember to use your senses too – include sounds and smells to make everything feel more real.


Make sure you plan your story first - you could draw a storyboard or plan 3 points for each paragraph.


Have a look at the example below to help you. You could borrow some of the ideas!






Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams