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Thursday 25th June





Good morning.

Can you make one small change today that will make your life better?






Thursday's tasks



Read your book for half an hour and think about the author's style.  Find a sentence or paragraph that shows an example of a particular style - is the author being formal or informal? Using lots of descriptive detail or being very chatty? Trying to amuse the reader or scare the reader?


Tables practice

Today practise multiplication and division facts for your 10, 11 and 12 times tables.  Think about how knowing your 10 times table helps with the other 2.



Yesterday's answers


1. 629

2. 26

3. 51

4. 63,400

5. 28,957

6. 320

Problem Solving

   7 1 8

-  4 7 4

   2 4 4


Today's challenge



Copy today's words - relevant, relevance, defiant, defiance.

Do you know the meaning of each word?  Can you see a similar pattern to yesterday's words?

Practise spelling today's words in whichever ways work best for you.



Use objects around the house to create a rhythm to accompany the song that you have wrote yesterday. You could use pots, pans, boxes, tubes, spoons or the tabletop. You could watch this short film for inspiration!

Dario Rossi playing @ Strøget Copenhagen

Dario Rossi - best street musician ever!!! Using recycled materials he makes crazy industrial techno music!


You are going camping for the weekend.  You are only allowed to take 10 items with you.  List the 10 items you would choose and explain your reasons for your choice.  (Remember - you will be in a tent with no power or running water!)


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams