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Thursday 25th June

Outdoor play opportunities

As we don’t live by the sea we don’t have rockpools here, but we can have fun puddle play!

If the weather is warm and sunny you may not have a puddle either so you may have to create one. An old washing up bowl makes a good alternative puddle, if you have a paddling pool that would be perfect if the weather is hot and sunny. Here are some fun things to try:


1) Whirlpools

Swirl a stick around very quickly to make a whirlpool. Add a Lego man and see what happens…


2) Puddle Jumping

On a really wet day, go for a puddle jumping walk. Think about the route which will provide you with the most puddles to jump in or over. Consider the clothes and footwear you will need to wear. At each puddle you encounter, decide whether you are going to:

· Jump over it

· Wade or splash through it

· Do something else

Make a note of your decisions and which worked best. Become an expert in puddle jumping.


3) Shrinking Puddle Art

On a hot day, draw a line around the edge of a puddle on a hard surface with a stick or a piece of chalk. Go back a while later and see if the puddle has shrunk. If you do this every hour you can keep drawing around the puddles. Draw funky lines and patterns between the rings.


 If you only have puddles in natural places, then use pieces of string to mark the edges of the puddle.   Decorate with natural materials lying nearby between the pieces of string. What do you think makes the water disappear?


4) Sing a Song of Puddles

Invent a puddle song and dance to do around a puddle. For example “The Hokey Cokey” song where you put your right foot in, your right foot out, etc.


5) Puddle Splash

Try and splash all the water out of a puddle. How long does it take? What tactics work best?




 6) Stone Drops

Drop a flat stone into a clear deep puddle. Watch it sink. Now find some smaller stones and see if you can get one to land perfectly on top. Is there any particular size or shape of stone which works best for this activity?



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