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Thursday 21st May

How many legs bug hunt


In your gardens, on your walks or through the window today what will you see? Can you become nature detectives? In the story ‘How many legs?’ we see:



              Bee and a flea                                   a centipede                    a slug, a snail and a maggot

              Bee leg count: 6                          Centipede leg count: !00              Slug leg count: 0

              Flea leg count: 6                       (In real life centipedes have between                  Snail leg count: 0

                                                                             15 and 177 pairs of legs).                         Maggot leg count: 0


It can be tricky to catch bugs and count their legs! We also do not want to hurt them. We can look for the bugs and then use the identification chart to get information such as name and leg count. Which is your favourite? Ask a grown up to help you find more information about it. From books or the internet. Where does it live? What does it like to eat? Can you draw it and write some labels? Your teachers would love to hear all about it and see your pictures on your class Dojo.



Watch how the insects move. Can you move around your garden, or in your home in the same way. Can you buzz around like a bee, flitting from flower to flower collecting nectar. Tell everyone to watch out for that sting! Can you jump like a grass hopper? Can you climb like a spider with all those legs?  Can you wiggle like a worm? Can you fly with beautiful, graceful wings like a butterfly? Can you move like a caterpillar? 



Bug hunt identification charts


Overall School: 95%

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