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Thursday 18th June








Make the most of this wonderful day!





Today's tasks:




Read your reading book for half an hour - make a note in your reading diary about one of the characters in your book.  Do you like him/her?  Make notes about his/her appearance and personality.


Tables practice

Practise 2 of your times tables today - choose ones you need to learn. Don't forget the division facts too!



Yesterday's answers:


1.  407

2.  1,728

3.  162

4.  63,800

5.  3.85

6.  110

Problem Solving


Today's challenge:



Write physical and final, then add the suffix -ly (TIP: a slightly different suffix from the rest of the week!) to make physically and finally.

Now practise these four spellings - perhaps try a different strategy from usual today!




Make a set of Top Trumps cards based on your

favourite sport, book, film or computer game.





Draw a grid or use squared paper and make a word search based on your Top Trumps game. Challenge someone in your family to complete the word search.


Overall School: 96.6%

School will be open for ALL pupils from Monday March 8th 2021.