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Thursday 16th July


Good morning - hope you're feeling creative.


Remember, creativity is not just about being a good artist, musician or dancer; it's

about taking a creative approach to work, friends, problems and life in general. 


Try not to just do what you've always done - think about the best way to approach something and keep trying and changing things until you are the best you can be.


Today's tasks:



Read for half an hour and then think about one specific event in the story.  If this event was changed, would it change the whole course of the story?  What would be different?


Tables practice

Have you got your blank tables square ready? Think about any facts that slowed you down yesterday and have a quick practice before you start.  Then go for your fastest time yet!



Yesterday's answers


1. 6/9 or 2/3

2. 2.91

3. 42,100

4. 30

5. 105

6. 1.5 or 1 1/2

Problem Solving



Today's challenge



Copy today's spellings carefully, underline the silent letter in each and then practise these words using the strategies that work best for you.

guilt, guitar, doubt



Write an acrostic poem about Short Wood.  You could include your memories from yesterday, things you're looking forward to next year, or just things you think are important about our school.


Remember, in an acrostic poem each line must begin with a specific letter, so write SHORT WOOD down the left hand side of your page, then compose a line beginning with each of those letters.


Look at the 'Welcome' poem below to remind you what an acrostic poem looks like.





Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams