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Thursday 11th June

Morning!  The work you’re sending in is great – you are all stars!


Thursday’s tasks:


  • Read for half an hour and make a note in your reading diary.
  • Write your 800 times table (remember to use your 8 times table to help). Then ask someone to test your recall of multiplication and division facts from the 8 times table – are you quicker than you were earlier in the week?
  • Write adorable, adorably, considerable, considerably – copy them carefully, then practise spelling them using a different strategy from yesterday!
  • Complete a list of alliteration for different animals and insects you might find around your house or garden
    e.g. the curious, colourful cat, the angry, annoying ant
    Can you turn your list into a poem?

  • Use what you can find around the house to make a musical instrument.
    Is your instrument going to be a percussion instrument like a drum or a string instrument like a guitar?
    See what different tones or sounds you can make when you play your instrument.
    Cardboard boxes, elastic bands, milk bottles, toilet rolls, food packaging, dry rice, pasta, all work well to create your instruments.



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams