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The Natural World

Would you like to visit a farm this Easter? You can, from your home! 
follow the link below to visit lots of farms on a live webcam. 🐑

Cloud Gazing

All you need is blue sky, clouds, a comfortable spot to lie down in you garden on a blanket and imagination.

Encourage children to observe the clouds, look for patterns and pictures. They might see a face, a sheep, a dinosaur, a flower, a castle. What do the clouds make them think of? Can they talk about and describe what they see? Can they make up a story with the pictures that they see?


Create a digital log of your daily walk or interesting things you find in your garden. Here are some of the photos Evie and Millie took when we were out and about. You could share your photos on our Community Learning page. Mrs Weston 😊

Have a look outside, which bugs can you find? Can you look in a book or on the internet to find out more about them? Can you draw and label a picture?

Which of these birds can you spot in your garden?

You could make a chart to record which type of bird visits your garden and how many times you spot them. 

You could try making a home for the birds. Why not try this idea...

Make your own binoculars using the inside of a toilet roll or kitchen roll, add string, decorate and go bird spotting. Perhaps leave some scraps of bread or seeds to tempt the birds closer to your window or hiding spot.

Spring is here! What changes do you notice outside?


Get your senses tingling! 
collect some natural treasures from outside and make a sensory soup ( a soup for your sense of smell, not to eat!) 

Get some water, old pots, spoons, a whisk and  scissors. 

Perhaps you could make a journal or scrap book of what you see.

Fasten some pieces of paper together, then draw, paint, stick in and write about what you have seen. 

If you go for a walk with your family, look carefully at the different colours around you.

Here are some ideas.

Can you spot and name these leaves in your garden or when you’re out for a walk?



Have you ever wondered what a Tiger does all day?

Visit The Edinburgh Zoo live web cam to find out...


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Aiming High;Growing Dreams