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Talk, read, write

Speed Sounds with Miss Lewis- go to the bottom of this page. New sounds will be added- keep checking. 😊

Barbara has written a note and put it up on her front door thanking the post workers. This is a great idea, perhaps you would like to do the same at your house.


Find something in your house starting with every letter in the alphabet.

BUT... everything you find must fit on a plate! 
Happy hunting 😊

Click on the link below to read free online Oxford Reading Tree books. The stories and characters will be familiar to the children.

Go outside and find some stones.

Get some water.

Paint letter shapes on to them. Use a paint brush, but if you don’t have one, use your finger.

Do you have shaving foam in your house? 
Squeeze some out, try making letter shapes, sounding out words or writing your name this way too. 

Are you ready to do some word building?

if you have lego or building blocks, ask your grown up if they can help you write on, or stick on letter shapes. Then you can put them together to build words. 

Have a go at this indoor treasure hunt.

After, try making your own. 

Look around your home, write/ draw a list of things. 
Ask your family to hunt for them.


Indoor treasure hunt ideas

Ask an adult to hide some letter sounds. Find them, read them!

Collect some stones from outside. Give them a wash, then using felt tips or paint, draw people, superheroes, story characters. 
Tell a story. Find a good place to share it, the garden, on the stairs or your favourite room in the house.

Tiny Happy People, is a BBC programme which helps children with their speaking and listening.

Click on the link.


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Aiming High;Growing Dreams