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Stone Age Walk

Wednesday 11th November


Today, the children split into 2 teams with Chris and Chris from Arthog.


We set off with our waterproofs and wellies and walked all the way to the top of the lane towards Limekiln Woods. When we got to the top, we found a spot to have a snack. Whilst we were eating, Chris showed us how the Stone Age people made fire using flint, fungus and sticks. As it was a little wet, he had to use some cotton wool to get the fire going.

Afterwards, we carried on and came across a cave...with Stone Age drawings inside! Chris had to light the cave with candles so that we could explore inside.


Later, we had lunch and then out of nowhere we spotted deer! (only team Hunting Deer as the other team set off in a different direction and made their own spears to hunt hidden animals).Team Hunting Deer followed the deer through the woods and began hunting them like the Stone Age people would. We even saw stag fighting with their antlers!


Throughout the day the children also foraged like Stone Age people trying sweet chestnuts and edible plants. What a great day we had being Stone Age people!


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams