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Squirrel School

The Explorers:

The explorers started off by discussing what they think an explorer is “find things,” “look for things” and what they would like to cook and prepare for their friends, bread and soup. The children started whittling the sticks and wanted to make sure they had enough for everyone in the class. The explorers have been developing their ability to use tools safely and effectively. They have been whittling sticks to remove the bark and also using a hack saw to cut them to size. We have discussed what we might need to create a fire, the children decided that they will need sticks and leaves, but they were wet at Squirrel School. Therefore, the children got a bag and collected some leaves and sticks to dry out at school. In addition, the children have been practising using the flints to create a fire as in the coming weeks they will be creating their own camp fire to cook food.

The Artists:

The artists worked on a collaborative project trying to capture Squirrel School and bring it back to the classroom. The Artists used digital cameras to photograph and sketched their view of the woods at Squirrel School. They collected natural resources such as moss and bark and created their own mud paints using natural pigment from mud and foliage. The children pulled all of their ideas together to create a mural that is displayed for all to enjoy in the classroom.

The story tellers:

The story tellers started off their project by talking about what their favourite stories are and why “my favourite story is about a little rabbit. It’s from Christmas, he puts the toys away.” After this, the children then discussed what character they would be in a story and what would they do “I would be princess Elena of Avatar and I would make everyone listen to me and save Avatar.” From this, the children discussed how they can create their own story “with letter shapes,” “draw a story and write our names.” They then created their own story and then shared it with the rest of their group who listened to the story well.

A crispy, winter walk: 06.03.18

This week for our Squirrel School session, we went on a lovely, winter walk around the lake at Short Wood. We observed what had happened to the water on the lake because of the really cold weather. What has happened to the water? "It is all cold and icy, a solid, you can't pour it." Why has it happened? "Because it is really cold, so the water turns into ice." We also noticed that some parts of the lake were water and some were ice, why? "Because the sun it hot and that bit is all hot so it has melted and this part is still all cold and icy."

Spring walk: 13.03.18

Today, we went on a walk to Squirrel School to look out for the different signs of Spring. On our walk to Squirrel School, we found different flowers growing: daffodil's, snow drops and grape hyacinths. Some of the flowers hadn't blossomed out yet, "they are still in the buds, because they aren't ready to come out." When at Squirrel School, we noticed some small buds on the tree branches, "I think flowers are going to grow out of the buds, maybe some leaves too!"

Snow at Squirrel School: (19.03.18)

Today we continued to look for signs of Spring, but there was snow everywhere! We discussed what the snow has done to the plants that we found on our last spring walk and how it might effect them, "they will die," "it is too cold for them." We looked at our footprints in the snow and what happens to it.


We then had fun in the snow together, making snow angels, rolling balls and finding more nature!


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams