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Spring Term

Up, Up and Away!! 



This term our topic is called Up, Up and Away. We started with our fantastic visit to see the Snowman theatre production in Birmingham. We then produced a setting and character description about the boy and the Snowman in the story.


We are then moving onto look at the Disney film Up! Looking at the amazing moment Carl's house lifts off the ground attached by thousands of bright coloured balloons. 




We are consolidating our knowledge of place value using equipment like dienes and counters then applying this to our operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our first half termly Fast Fact is looking at the 2x tables. 



Our topic this term is looking at materials and their properties. Which is rigid? Which is stretch? Which would be the best for...

We will explore and find out lots more! 


We will also be continuing our Outdoor Learning sessions looking at our three main Outdoor Rules: Earth Respect, People Respect, Environment Respect. 


Overall School: 95%