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The sun is shining!

It’s the perfect day for looking for shadows in your garden. You can use your body to make some fun shapes too!

Making a shadow puppet theatre is great fun!
You can make characters from your favourite stories or create puppets of your family, pets and favourite animals. 


You will need

a cereal box

white paper or card

black card



glue stick

sticks - pencils, twigs, wooden skewers or lollipop sticks are some ideas you could use.


Draw your characters on white paper and stick onto black card. Cut around each character and attach them to your stick.



Take apart a cereal box so that it lies flat. On the two largest rectangles of the box measure about 1.5 cms in from each side and cut out. Next tape the box back together so that the outside of the cereal box becomes the inside. Trim a piece of white paper to fit inside the box. Add trees or scenery if you like.



Cut a slit out of the bottom of the box closet to the white paper for your puppets to move along. Place a lamp or torch behind the theatre and have fun acting out your story.



Do you have vegetables left over?

pop them in a tray of water and watch them grow.

Draw each day what changes you see.


Brighten up your day by creating your own rainbow at home. 
You will need


6 jars/clear glasses

Paper towels

Red, blue and yellow food colouring


How do you think we can make a rainbow from just three colours?


1. Fill 3 of the jars with water until they are almost full.

2. Next add a few drops of food colouring to each of the water filled jars. You should now have a jar of red water, a jar of blue water and a jar of yellow water. 
3. Place an empty jar between each of the filled jars.

4. Fold 6 sheets of paper towel in half and then half again to create a long strip. 
5. Dip each paper towel strip into one of the colours and the empty connecting jar.


What can you see happening?

Which colours will appear in the empty jars?


Watch as the coloured water walks along the paper towels to create a rainbow!

You can see the paper towels absorbing the water as it travels. After a while the empty jars will fill with coloured water. Leave your experiment overnight and the next morning you will find that each of the jars is filled with coloured water. 


Space. 🌍🪐💫
NASA have an exciting website full of activities you can try at home. Click the link below.

Floating and sinking.

Get a big bowl or bucket.

Fill it with water.

Find some things around your house/ garden.

Put them into the water. What happens? 
Carefully pour in some cooking oil. What happens now?

Draw a picture.


Make a marble run. Have a look in the recycling, see what you can find. Have a go at making a marble run. Perhaps you could use a car instead of a marble? What else rolls?

Make a paper aeroplane. Follow the instructions below.

Can you fold it a different way to change the shape?

How far does it fly?

Can it carry cargo? Try attaching things to it, such as pennies, small toys. Will it still fly?



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