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School Uniform

Short Wood School Uniform

Children are required to wear a uniform to school:

Boys and girls are all requested to wear a pale blue, royal blue or white polo shirt, with either grey trousers, grey skirt or grey pinafore.  A royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan can be worn on top - these can be purchased from our website with a school logo, if preferred. ( see link underneath)


PE Kit is plain black shorts with a plain tee-shirt (no logos or slogans/pictures, please) 

Short Wood Primary School PE shirts with our school logo can also be purchased via the link at the bottom of this section.

Swimming kit - swimming costume or swimming trunks and a towel.  Girls can also wear leggings if required to do so for religious reasons.


 Please click the following links to show you examples of what these look like.

School Uniform/PE Kit


We are currently in negotiations with a new supplier.  We will update this page as soon as possible to advise where uniform can be purchased.  Please contact school for more details.



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