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School Uniform

Short Wood School Compulsory Uniform



Pale Blue, Royal Blue or White Polo Shirt. 



Grey Trousers, Skirt or Pinafore. 


Sweatshirts & Cardigans  

These must be Royal Blue with the Short Wood logo on. 

Sweatshirts and cardigans may be purchased following the link on our Website which can be found under the Parents menu 'Uniform Information'.


PE Kit

Plain black shorts with a plain t- shirt (No logos/slogans/pictures).

Short Wood Primary School PE shirts with our school logo can also be purchased via the link on our website.


Swimming Kit

Swimming costume or swimming trunks and a towel. 

Girls can also wear leggings if required to do so for religious reasons.



School Uniform Examples


Overall School: 96.6%

Short Wood Primary School - Aiming high, growing dreams. School is now closed - we will only be open for pupils of essential workers and vulnerable pupils. Please only bring your child to school if you have NO OTHER option for childcare provision, keep your children at home if possible as this is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. Thank you.