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Pupil Parent/Carers Voice

Short Wood Primary School believes it important to identify the views of parents/carers and pupils.

Pupils Voice

Pupils Early Years, KS1 and KS2 are able to elect a representative on the School Council. Pupils are then asked to share ideas that can be implemented within school and the local community.


We at Short Wood value the opinion of our pupils and allow regular opportunities for the children to discuss their learning within a subject during pupil learning conferences or subject specific pupil voice.


We hold pupil conferencing sessions where SEND children discuss their targets, progress and support with SEND staff – they may complete a questionnaire.


Staff will meet with a focus group of children with their books to discuss the children's learning and targets.

Parent Voice

Parents/carers are welcome to join PTA. Parents are regularly informed of events within school through newsletters, the website and social media. There is always a member of the senior school staff available before and after school to listen to parents’/carers’ views and questions.


We also welcome parents/carers to meet with or ring the SENCO to discuss anything regarding their child.


Termly meetings are held with the class teacher and parents/carers to discuss your child's progress, share targets and identify their next steps. More regular meetings may be needed if a child meets their targets early or if their needs are more complex. Additional meetings may be held with the class teacher or SENCO.



Early Years

Parents/carers are welcomed into Nursery and Reception and invited to attend induction sessions where they can ask questions about their child(s) school life. Staff also invite parents to settle their child into each session and have the opportunity to ask questions and share information.


Please contact Mrs Hazel Waterhouse on 01952 387360 regarding anything connected to SEN.


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