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Our exciting topics

Welcome to our new Summer Topic 2023

This term we are looking at our wonderful planet, who lives on it and the people and animals that live here that make it a very special place to be. 

Summer Topic web 2023

Spring 2023

Welcome to the new year and our brand new topic- 'Once upon a time...'

We are going to be learning all about traditional tales, finding out about the characters, the plots and the themes.

Autumn Term 2022

Island to Island 

This term the Key Stage One children are travelling the world. From visiting the Isle of Struay with Katie Morag to going to Jamaica with Gregory Cool. We are going to have a real island adventure!

Summer Term 2022

Food Glorious Food!

This term we are looking at all sort of food and where it comes from. We shall be visiting the farm and finding out about the food chain as well as growing lots of our own fruit and vegetables.

Spring Term 2022- Up, Up and Away

The children in Key Stage One will definitely not be keeping their feet on the ground this term. From going on a Winter journey with The Snowman, to floating on a balloon and then zooming into space, the children are going to be busy all the way up until Easter. We have lots of exciting work planned and we cannot wait to share it with you! 

Our Topic Web for Up, Up and Away

AUTUMN TERM 2021- 'Let's Celebrate !'

In Key Stage One we love to celebrate and this term we shall be looking at lots of different types of celebrations. Some of them we know about, like birthdays and we are also looking to find out about new ones such as Harvest Festival and Diwali. We shall also look at the commemoration of Remembrance Day. The children will visit Christ Church and Sunnycroft and we are very excited about having our own fireworks display. We can't wait to show you what we have been up to!

Our Curriculum Web for this term- 'Let's Celebrate !'


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