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Online safety advice for parents and carers

Keeping safe is always a priority and is something children are taught throughout the curriculum while at school.  It has never been more important for the grown ups taking care of children to have an understanding of how to keep children safe in the online world. 


We are seeing that access to online platforms, social media and the wider internet are a lifeline while we are having to be at home, but there are dangers that need to be managed, it is so important that as responsible adults we look after our children's well being and welfare while online.


Below are some really useful parent information leaflets from childnet - they have been produced in a number of different languages which we hope will be useful for our community.


The overwhelming advice is to maintain a conversation about what your child is doing online.  Don't worry of you don't understand it all - get them to tell you and show you how it all works.  Make sure you check who they are in contact with - if they don't know them offline - should they be talking online?  The leaflet 'Let's talk about life online' has some really useful phrases and conversation starters.  There is also a template for a Family Agreement - this is a great framework for a discussion.


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