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22nd March 2021


This week was Science week in Nursery.

We sang the rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

We found out he was an egg, egg shells break very easily.

First we looked at raw eggs and boiled eggs.

Then we did an experiment with boiled eggs to find out how we could stop Humpty Dumpty from cracking.

The children had some great ideas.


"A pillow"

"A carpet"

"A spoon"

"Some Tape"

"A trampoline"

Science Week

This week we have looked at the story 'After the Storm' by Nick Butterworth.

We used the computer to find out information about the woodland animals from the story.

We looked at their habitats and went for a walk to see if we could find the animals or evidence of their habitats in our environment.

We went for a walk to look for animals in their habitats.

Remembrance Day

Our Short Woody Promise


We went to visit the special tree in Tim's garden and made a promise to be a Short Woody.

A short Woody promises to be:

Friendly and respectful,

Be the best you can be,

Never give up,

Use your talents and be adventurous,

Follow the rules that keep us all safe.


Today the children enjoyed a visit from The Animal Man.

They met many furry animals which they held, stroked, and touched.

The Animal Man told us lots of information about the animals and how to care for them.

Here are some of the pictures...


The children went on a walk to find Autumn treasures.

We stopped to look at the Oak tree where we found lots of acorns, we also found feathers from the birds and apples growing on the trees.


In the first weeks of Nursery the children have been busy making new friends and discovering their new environment.


Overall School: 96.6%

Aiming High; Growing Dreams